We work with over 40 jurisdictions on-shore and Off-shore


Opening of Bank Accounts

We cooperate with reputable AAA rated banks in Luxembourg and abroad


Finding and implementing

Finding – and implementing – the ideal solution is not easy. But it’s what we do here in SOLO Consulting Sarl Luxembourg.

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Offshore jurisdictions

When it comes to offshore jurisdictions, there is no ‘one size fits all’. The most favourable jurisdiction for your particular business activities depends on your needs and circumstances.


Investment, and wealth management

In many ways, the offshore industry can facilitate market entry, international trade and investment, and wealth management. At the same time, you can benefit from specific privacy guarantees, investment incentives and favourable regulatory frameworks.


Data analysis

Solo Consulting Luxembourg can undertake the incorporation of an international company and related administrative duties in all the countries in which we maintain offices: Cyprus, BVI, Malta, Belize, Panama, Singapore, UK, The Netherlands, Seychelles, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong and U.A.E.

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Our Clientele

SOLO Consulting’s broad-based clientele includes high-net-worth individuals, local and international companies and government agencies.

Solo Consulting in Luxembourg

Our head office in Luxembourg operates independently

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